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Jul 18, 2013

How to Choose an Inca Trail Tour Company

When it comes to the adventure of a lifetime like the Inca Trail Tour you want to make sure you choose the very best company to help you with this experience. Your adventure will only be as good as the tour operator you choose, a poor tour operator can turn your Inca Trail Tour from a dream into a nightmare if everything is not carefully planned and well organized. Here are some top tips for choosing a company for the Inca Trail Tour.

Read Reviews

First and foremost before you choose a tour operator to book your Inca Trail Tour you need to do your homework. Shop around for the best deals but always make sure you read the reviews of other travelers who have booked with the company to see how smooth their experience was. You should look for good organization, good contact and health and safety issues during the tour.

You Get What you Pay for

Don’t feel tempted to opt for the lowest priced Inca Trail Tour you come across. Remember you get what you pay for in all scenarios and if you go for the cheapest, you may have a poor man’s experience. The Inca Trail is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake which is why you want a premium experience. Shop around for affordable deals but don’t feel tempted to choose a second rate adventure.

Check for Extras

You also want to check exactly what is included in your price when it comes to booking the Bamba Experience Inca Trail Tour. Some companies will include hotel and airport pickups, food and drinks and accommodation. As there will be porters accompanying you on the trail you want to check that their service is included although tipping them is always recommended. Make sure you read all the fine print so you know exactly what you are paying for with the Inca trail Tour operator.

Jul 3, 2013

Tents and Other Things to Take Camping

If you are planning a camping trip then it may be time to make use of the old boy scout motto and be prepared. Living in the great outdoors is an unrivalled experience as you get back to nature, bathe in the rivers, sleep beneath the stars and cook over fire. It is an invaluable experience for everyone and can help teach skills that we may have forgotten in times of modern convenience. However back to basics you want to go, there are a few things you should make sure you bring along with you when out camping.

A Tent

First of all you will need a tent to protect you from the elements. When camping you need some kind of shelter from the weather, the insects and other animals that may be lurking. A good tent then is paramount and should always be packed.

A Sleeping Bag

Nights out in the wild can get chilly, so keep warm with a good quality sleeping bag to suit the seasons. A sleeping bag will work to insulate your body temperature and ensure that you don’t expose yourself to adverse weather and temperature. It will also help you get a good night’s sleep.

A Backpack

You are going to need some way to carry all your camping belongings and this is where a backpack comes in handy. Choose something lightweight that you won’t struggle to carry.

Pots and Pans

If you are planning on doing some basic cooking on your camping trip then you will need pots and pans, you can buy specialist camping cooking gear and a multipurpose tool to help you create some great meals beneath the stars. If you aren’t planning on building a fire you will also need a gas cooking stove.

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Jun 19, 2013

Essential Travel Tips from Travel Insurance Companies

Traveling can be full of wonder, excitement and opportunities that are there to be embraced. However it is also important to recognize that when traveling there can be complications and pitfalls, to help make the best of your unique traveling experience you should take a look at these essential travel tips from travel insurance companies to help you on your way.

Buy travel Insurance

Never leave home without travel insurance as this is the ultimate protection against things going wrong with travel insurance you can feel safe in the knowledge that whatever happens you are covered. Travel insurance covers everything from flight delays to cancellations, getting sick to accident cover. Travel insurance doesn’t have to break the bank so don’t let you budget stop you protecting you and your family.

Read Reviews

Before setting out on your big adventure you should take the time to read reviews of potential hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants. This is especially important when dealing with hotels as it will help you know what to expect when you arrive and prevent you from getting ripped off. Doing research before your big trip will help you to prevent disappointment, wasted money and the potential risk of visiting less then savory areas.

Be Street Savvy

Being savvy when traveling is another important factor to ensure you stay safe. This means simply suing a little commons sense such as not getting into unmarked taxis, steering clear of dodgy areas at night and not flaunting your money when out in public. A little streetwise knowledge goes a long way especially when you are traveling far from home. Always carry for your travel insurance details with you so that you have the contacts and assistance should any unexpected event or emergency arise.